Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lady with the big hat.

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i'm sorry. i suck at backgrounds. :(


Leontine said...

I can never get black backgrounds to work, but this looks pretty good to me. And the background on your rain drawing is excellent. (I like rain too.) xo L.

Gerald said...

You are just having a blast with the Tablet. Go for it! I like the loose lines in all your drawings.
I'm still experimenting with my Tablet too.

Have you seen the monitors that you can sketch on? Professionals have used it for Pixar and Cartoon Network! Expensive :(
But amazing :)

Your "Rain" background is just Awesome. I think the layers of texturing works.

Thanks for the comment by the way. I still find trees difficult. I signed up for a animation club in college and the first thing they assigned me was to backgrounds, a park full of trees to be exact. I was so scared that they would kick me out of the club becasue I suck, so I did so much research and drew trees for 3 months straight. My backgrounds were approved and they used it for an animated short at the end of the year. I didn't get to animate, but it was a good experience. Maybe I'll post some old work sometime.

Well, keep those sketches coming!

velvet said...

i can see a picasso dash of influence here .. hmm. and probably a good choice of maintaining a black background on this. ywah and like them (above) i agree that your rain bg is totaly great!
and nice collection of illos youve got here 8)
thanks for dropping by my blog...

Alina Chau said...

This is beautiful!!

Pusha V said...

Nice gestural and whimsical (hopefully I spelled that word right.) work. I like the rain one the best. Keep up the good work.

airikshin1ng said...

hey thanks for your comments...your image creation are so free.
Keep them coming in...