Saturday, January 27, 2007

Illustration Friday - Red

Poppies in July - Sylvia Plath

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Little poppies, little hell flames,
Do you do no harm?

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You flicker. I cannot touch you.
I put my hands among the flames. Nothing burns.

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And it exhausts me to watch you
Flickering like that, wrinkly and clear red, like the skin of a mouth

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A mouth just bloodied
Little bloody skirts!

There are fumes that I cannot touch.
Where are your opiates, your nauseous capsules?

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If I could bleed, or sleep! -
If my mouth could marry a hurt like that!

Or your liquors seep to me, in this glass capsule,
Dulling and stilling.

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But colorless. Colorless.


Elmyra Duff said...

I love the first one!

steve said...

Wow! You really went all out on this one! You made your work relate without ever using the color in any of the pieces. Huge props!

Pati @-;-- said...

Ur illos r breathtaking :)

fabian said...

Amazing. Stunning. Breathtaking. Fwiew!!

Michelle Lana said...


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cheesecakeerian said...

Whoaaa *_*

Ester said...

absolutely beautiful, and haunting! I love your artwork