Monday, April 09, 2007



Sorry everybody for not commenting/posting for SUCH A LONG TIME. don't worry, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, was just busy doing some projects and making money (such a necessary evil).

I've just completed a mural project for a shopping mall, pictures below! Had initially planned to fill up more of the background, but due to time constraints... :(

for those in Singapore who are able to go down and take a look, it is in Marina Square. Second level, outside the GV wall (where there is a collaboration mural) Several awesome graffiti artists are involved, like Killer Gerbil, Snatch Thieves, and illustrators like White Dog Bobby, Manda Panda!!! Was bloody excited to meet Gerbil, and he's a totally awesomely nice guy!

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I have more news to post, but that'd probably be in another entry. watch out for this space! I'm back!!!

thanks to those who encouraged me so much. Thanks guys, you people are freaking awesome.

i just realized how bloody limited my vocabulary seems because i keep using the word awesome. but it really is awesome! yeah.


Frederik said...

Awesome! Urm, I mean, I like it a lot. It´s compelling. Pleasing to the eye. A joy to look at. So many other ways to describe the word "awesome".

Nice to see you posting again!

Kira said...

How can I get in touch with Snatch Thieves?

Rrramone said...

Love that blonde doorway!!

Samantha said...

Hey AG, I'm visiting Singapore at the moment, and on a walk around Arab Quarter I came across your mural for Soon Lee. Loved it. It's what got me into the store! Very effective. I like your 'cute with dark undertones' style. I can think of a nice children's story that would go with your work! The nice folks at Soon Lee told me about your exhibition on Selegie Road on Friday. Hope to see you there.. if I can figure out how to get there! Cheers, Samantha

Gerald said...

That's freak'in amazing! That's sooooo inspirational. Congrats. Don't worry about falling off the face of the earth....that's what happened to me. Just as long as we find our way back to what we love to do!