Saturday, April 05, 2008

OMG, update!

harrow shifu, stop stalking my blog lei, i veh stress sia. hahahahahahaha---

anyways, although this blog may have seemed permanently abandoned, it was in fact.... abandoned. until shifu decided to whack me for not updating. so. here you go, a commissioned illustration for TimeOut magazine for Feb 2008 issue.

(muahaha, i'm finally printed! does this mean i'm finally a legitimate illustrator now?)




on another note, i've relocated to melbourne. :D and yes, i realize this news is very extremely late in coming.

will update soon! (really!)


Jo said...

This is really really really great!!! I'm so proud of you anngee! Way to go girl!

Pun said...

aiyo this is one of the illustrations that I can really relate to.. look like the style of the 80s asian cartoon style.. so nostalgic..