Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recent Stuff :D

have been drawing quite a bit recently, outside of what is required in school. :X been slacking for a while.

first two are drawn from reference, Weegee's New York. i super super love weegee's photos.

^nib and ink

^graphite on paper, although the paper abit too rough for the texture that i was going for, used a tortillion to do the smoothing of shades. tortillions are cool.

hardest bits to do is the shading on the legs, to show the knee and the calf muscles :/ so it's good to reference from photo because when do in life drawing classes, i'm usually too busy with getting the shape of the body correct to be bothered about the correct muscular definition. :X

lecturer says is good to copy from old masters' drawings because then you get a pretty good idea of the muscles of body and the underlying structure of skeleton/how different muscles strain and stretch in different poses, etc. got to do that for class, so will report more on that soon.

^nib and ink drawing of an acquaintance. i find that the nibs with round ends suit me better than the ones without the round tips. they're much more suited to do bold, fast lines, so work well for quick drawings/sketches, but too clumsy for delicate line work.

will try to borrow a camera to take photos of larger drawings in my studio. :D

haven't done much with colours yet though. i kinda want to learn how to draw correctly first, before i start using colour, but maybe doing both together is better. opinions?

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