Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pen Drawings

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This was done in around 5 mins. Alot of mad scribbling!
Pilot G-Tec 0.4

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Done around the same "era". I've posted it up before in my other blog - but just to not waste it, I'll post it up again. XD
Pilot G-tec 0.4

My Favourite Pen! But it spoils easily - especially if you're prone to dropping your pens. And it's hella expensive. :/


~+*^LiSA^*+~ said...

niceee !! i see some of ur 'old' drawings ! haha ! eh...i like the fairy one...the one u did with the pencil. put it up !!! =)

AG said...

which fairy one? I don't remember :P

kingoftears said...

the wizard reminds me of Dream (Sandman), and he looks like he's holding a mop hehe