Sunday, September 11, 2005

Salome - Play written by Oscar Wilde.

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Pencil work mostly. Scanned and changed Hue on Hue/Sat palette. Add new layer + mask.

This didn't start out as Salome, just a random doodle. Then I used it for a project in school and it turned out like this -->

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Traced from the first image, coloured in with Copic Markers.

Don't really like the colour scheme here though. Ended up choosing this for the Salome Poster -->

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Copic Markers.

Alien Salome. -_-"


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I like this. It's whimsical!

AG said...

so said the teacher! haha~ born out of desperation and pure piss. :P

king of tears said...

heya, sneaked in from your link in xlx's site. *looks shifty*

i actually found that last picture a little scary, heh. looks like a nightmare i once had. or perhaps a bit much for my plebeian tastes =)

the first one is really nice though.

AG said...

haha! thanks! musta been a real.. nightmare? or maybe kidnapped by aliens? :X