Thursday, September 15, 2005


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Reference from Gustav Klimt (I think).
Drawn in pencil, filled in with ink.

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Random doodle when I was bored.
Pencil work.


Jasmine said...

i really like your art. in my opinion you really have talent.i am also a fellow artist. i am a painter, and presently going to school for photography. i would like your input on some artist. check out my blog.(i have no pics on my art, not to sure on how to go about it)please help!

Anonymous said...

good art...i very impressed!

~+*^LiSA^*+~ said...

wahahah !!! nice !!!! anw...the drawing i was talking about shld b in ur first or first few sketchbooks. got one frog one...den got this elf-like princess...drawn in pencil - no shades, no fill-ins.

miso said...

damn you are good :)

AG said...

thanks X)